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Indonesai boasts its very own satellite (Indosat) and has a comprehensive telecommunications network linking the islands through out the country. Every town has its own communciation cetre where you can  make local or international calls and send faxes. Most of these centres, known as Warpostals, open early in the morning and close at midnight.

Calls are expensive but International cheap rate is between midnight and 0800, and all day Saturday and Sunday.

There are a mixture of card and coin phones, cards can be bought at any Warpostal or supermarket, as well as other shops.

International enquiries 102

operator 101

Local enquiries 108

Long distance Enquiries 106

International country code 62


If you want an English language newspaper buy the Indonesian Times, Jakarta Post or the Indonesia Observer/Sunday observer. International newspapers are available in the major cities such as Jakarta, these include the Asian Wall Street Journal and the magazines the Economist and Time.

Radio Republik Indonesia broadcasts news and commentry in English for an hour a day or a short wave radio can pick up Voice of America Today and the BBC World service and Australian Broadcasting.

With satallites now in orbit Indonesia can recieve televsion pictures anywhere in the archipelago. It is strange to see the 'parabolas' outside many houses where there is no piped water, showing that the television is often seen as a priority over other home comforts.There are 5 stations, TVRI is the government ran channel and the other 4 are private stations (although the news is still rigorously controlled to stick to the party line).


Email has caught on fast in Indonesia, with cyber cafes in almost every town and definately in tourist destinations. If you have a free account with providers such as hotmail, yahoo or netaddress you will be able to log on and remain in touch with people back home.

Postal services

 The postal service is fairly reliable but always get anything important sent by registered post. Every town and tourist centre has a kantor pos or post office, where you can buy stamps, post letters and parcels.


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