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Providing an accurate cost of living in Indonesia has been very difficult but tourists are finding that their Dollars, Pounds, Euro's and Yen are going much further than they used to.

Exchange rate as of 06/10/2008

1 US Dollar= 9,597.98 Indonesian Rupiah    (IDR)                                                  

1 Euro = 13,277.8 Indonesian Rupiah  

1 Pound Stirling = 16,988.4 Indonesian Rupiah  

For example-things that you can get with one American dollar: 2.5 packs of my cigs, or 100 soybean cakes, or 5 bottles of Coke, or 4 hours of surfing at a cybercafé.

The cost of living in Indonesia can be very low, especially if you eat local food from local restaurants or food stalls and shop in local markets- a rice based dish from a street stall is between 4,000-7,000 IDR. Eating in Western restaurants or 5 star hotels and shopping in Western supermarkets can be a lot more expensive with a meals costing between 30,000-50,000 IDR.

Imported products like deodorant or books, for example, are naturally more expensive than in your home country while products produced in Asia, like electronics and clothes, for example, are very reasonably priced. Traditionally, Indonesian sizes are smaller than those in the Western world but tailors and related services remain very cheap in Indonesia.

You will probably find yourself dealing in cash in Indonesia more than you would in your home country. Personal checks are relatively unheard of for everyday transactions and credit card fraud is always a danger, so many prefer to deal in cash. Many of the individuals you pay for their services will not have their own bank account. Also, merchants who accept international credit cards often charge customers the 3% service fee, so cash is a cheaper alternative in these cases.




Denominations are 100RP, 500RP, 1,000Rp, 5,000RP, 10,000RP, 20,000RP, and 50,000RP

Major credit cards are accepted in the larger hotels and restaurants as well as department stores and ailine offices. Visa and Master card are the most widely accepted cards but you may have difficulties getting cash advances on your cards- best to use the major banks in places like Java and Bali.

If you are visiting remote areas for any period of time it might be worth obtaining an Indonesian Post Office Travellers' cheque in one of the bigger cities before you set off; these can easily be changed into rupiahs in any post office in the country.

New Coins

Coins are minted in 25Rp, 50Rp, 100Rp,and 500Rp


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