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The archipelogo of Indonesia beongs to the Austral-Asiatic tropical zone, lecaving Indonesia with a dry season generally from May to September and a wet season generally December to March.

Sunshine is abundant, but rainfall, either heavy or light storms, can also occurr in the dry season

Rain even falls nearly all the year round on the islands where the equator passess through and this has resulted in thick dense natural tropical rainforests on the islands of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Iran Jaya.

As Indonesia is within the humid equarorial zone, it has a high degree of air relative humidity with an aveerage of 80-90%.

The annual mean air temp in Indonesia is around 33C, although it does drop to 25-28C in the higher mountainous regions.

Where to travel in Indonesia:

Bali: Despite high tourism, Bali maintains a rich and colourful Hindu heritage.
Ubud is a relaxed and charming rural town with terrific shabby-chic hotels, beautiful rice terraces, fantastic festivals and excellent arts and crafts.
Candi Dasa is one of the best soft beaches nearby, or Kuta for huge expanses of hard sand, frequently rough water, superb restaurants and a wild night life.
For more Balinese isolation try travelling 3 hours from Denpasar to northwest coast for black sands, turquoise water, grey rocky outcrops and green paddy fields. There's a lot to do here, including birdwatching in Bali Barat National Park, boating and fishing in Gilimanuk Bayand diving or snorkelling 5 miles offshore at Deer Island.

Java: Yogyakartais an attractive market town, good for local culture and batik, while Pranmbanan, the world's 8th largest Hindu temple complex is certainly worth a day.
Then there's Borobudur, one of the finest Buddhist monuments in S.E Asia.
Jakarta, on the other hand, we'd prefer to be hanged than spend another night in Java's unpleasant capital city.



Sulawesi [Tana Toraja]: for some really unique and bizarre indigenous customs [especially the funeral ceremonies], boat-shaped housing, lovely rural landscapes and excellent trekking.

Irian Jaya [ Balim Valley]: strangest of all Indonesia's provinces where the Dani people still retain an ancient culture and men wear penis gourds. Hiking here is often damp and accommodation can be basic [e.g. sleeping on straw next to a mummified body] but you won't forget this place. Kalimantan [Borneo] wildlife: for Banjarmasin, floating markets and Dayak people or Pangkalanbun as a base for Tnjung Puting National Parkwalks and boating


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